1.  What type of contacts do you have?

Our database has Founders, CEOs, Directors, HR Heads, and other senior level decision makers.

2. Do you have industry specific filters?

We target SMEs and startups from every sector. Any business that is targeted towards employees and businesses would be sector-agnostic, eg. if you’re selling a product to employees, the industry wouldn’t matter.

3.  Are they location specific?

The database includes people from all over India.

4. How is the cost of campaign calculated?

It is based on multiple factors like the cost and hours involved in collecting all the data, the technology involved in running the campaign, along with the number of leads delivered to the client.

5If it is lead based then per lead cost is very high

As compared to others, we’re providing more responses. Even with a 0.2% response rate, you would get more than 200 leads. As a B2B business, less than Rs. 500 per lead is a reasonable price.

6. I am already paying for lead based campaigns, how is your campaign different?

We are the most affordable and effective lead based campaign. And we ensure direct communication with the decision makers.

7. How many of these are Founders and Directors – we don’t want HR Head contacts

Over 60% of our database is Founders and Directors. If you wish to not contact HR Heads, we can filter the list out for you.

8. Who all did you run the campaigns for? Can I talk to them?

SoftwareSuggest, Zepo, Tanmay Mukherjee Architects are some of the people we ran campaigns for. Yes, you can most definitely talk to them. You can contact us for the same.

9. I am a startup and how is this campaign beneficial for me? Should I even do this? I am not sure

This is definitely beneficial to you. This will get the highest ROIs compared to other campaigns. And being a startup, you can also use this opportunity to touch base with other startups.

10. Can I do a trial run with you?

We cannot do a trial run on this. Because if we run the campaign on a smaller scale, it will not justify the ROI. The least we can do is with a database of 25k.

11. What about content? What content do you need for the campaign? I don’t know how to do this?

It depends on the package you have chosen. Kindly refer to the pricing section for the same

12. I am running multiple lead generation campaigns. I don’t want one more campaign.

We can assure you a higher ROI than other campaigns. This could just be the last campaign you need 🙂

13. What is the difference between we generating leads for ourselves and you generating leads for us? Why pay you lacs for this?

Because we have the people you want.

14. We also have our own databases of Founders and Directors, we do SEO. We generate a good number of leads per month. So why we should go for this?

Because we have a tailor-made database which has been maintained for almost a decade, concentrated towards the B2B sector and decision makers

15. Do you guarantee leads after we pay this much money?

We guarantee it and we have the results to prove it. We’re assuring 200+ leads even with a 0.2% reply rate.

16. It’s a one-time activity or maximum 3 emails going. It doesn’t seem interesting to me. Please help me out with some strong reason.

It is not a one-time activity. After being overwhelmed with responses, you will see the benefits of this campaign.