Email Marketing Using 1.2L+ Unique Email IDs (Founders, Directors, HR Heads, etc)

Leadsforsure is a part of Sutra Services, a company that has successfully run multiple businesses using email marketing. Lead generation is an important process of any business. There are numerous ways to generate leads, online and offline. While social media and similar methods are currently trending, one lead generation strategy that is evergreen is email marketing.


Email marketing has been used for years, and emailing as a form of communication isn’t about to go anywhere. Every company has its own way to make use of it, with creative images, promotional offers, or simple messages. We, as email marketing experts, know just how to turn this form of communication into a sureshot way of generating B2B leads.


Over a decade, we’ve curated a database of 1.2L+ unique email IDs. This database consists of only top level decision makers like Founders, Directors, CEOs, HR Heads, etc. We’re providing you with a platform to directly reach out to those who will have the final say in making business decisions. B2B lead generation requires strategies that are different from those of B2C businesses. Hoardings and television advertisements work better with B2C lead generation. Paid online advertisements can help you put your brand in front of B2B businesses. However, the ROI and conversion rates are not that high. Our email marketing campaign generates a higher ROI than other other paid ads.


With email marketing, you can instantly connect with the top level management. Sending individual emails or promotions to your subscribers is  old-school. The entire process is now automated. At Leadsforsure, we handle the entire campaign from finalizing the content, to sending out mailers, response management, and sending follow-up mails. We deliver relevant and interested leads to your inbox.


Are you a B2B business looking to reach out to decision makers like Founders, CEOs, Directors, etc. to generate relevant B2B leads? Give us a call on +91 92 22 21 17 72 or email us at for guaranteed quality leads.


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