About Us

Leadsforsure is a part of Sutra Services, a company that has been successfully running multiple B2B businesses for over a decade. During this period, we built a database of senior level decision makers in India. These include core people in fast-growing startups and stable SMEs. Being a B2B business ourselves, we understand how important it is to generate leads on a day-to-day basis.


We were completely bootstrapped and had no money to spend on expensive paid marketing techniques. That’s when we started building our own database. This resulted in us starting to crack email marketing as a method to generate leads for B2B businesses. We have been quite successful in all our businesses using our exhaustive database. Since we have now mastered B2B email database marketing, or drip campaigns, we want to help other businesses succeed using the same technique.

We want to watch upcoming entrepreneurs and B2B businesses succeed just like we did. Hence we’re opening up our email database campaign model to our trusted partners so you can benefit from this data as well. This isn’t a service that we are opening to all, but only to a select few who end up talking to the same set of people as us (Founders, Directors, HR Heads).