Business Email ID

65K+ unique companies (Startups, SMEs)

Leadsforsure’s database comprises of business email IDs of top level decision makers from over 65K unique companies. These unique companies include funded startups and stable SMEs. While we were running multiple businesses, we realized the importance of generating leads by connecting directly with business owners. When dealing with professionals, the best way to reach out to them, more than social media platforms, was a professional platform. Hence, we strictly stuck to using their business email IDs.


Business email IDs of professionals from 65K+ unique companies have been through various stages of cross-checking. We assure that all of the IDs are genuine, and actively used by the concerned people. We understand that our clients would be trying to increase their brand presence, or to generate leads. And either way, they’d require contact details like business email IDs of only people that would potentially be interested in their product or service. These potential clients include people who have the resources to do so. Funded startups and SMEs have the resources and budget to use third-party products or offers. This is why we ensure we don’t add companies that would have no interest, thus increasing the response rate from relevant companies.


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